Let Your Imagination Run Away With Us

Fire and Pyro Shows


Fire!  This is big exciting stuff. You can see it. You can hear it. You can feel the heat off it.

Fire jugglers, poi spinners, fire hula hoop and fire fans, to name but a few, make flames move like you’ve never seen.

Our choreographed fire routines are a multi-sensory experience, guaranteed to ignite your primal being. We can tailor our fire shows to suit your needs, performing from five minutes to 30, for a fantastic welcome or the ultimate finale.

You want even more wow? Try adding our fire-magic to the show. Fire suddenly appears from nowhere, changes colour and pow, it’s gone again, in a puff of smoke!

We’re proud to say that in 2015, our chief fire man Dan also choreographed the finale routine for the UK Fireworks Collective’s show  at  Burning Man Festival, USA. Along with Shona, this highly experienced and talented duo lead the mesmerising Travelling Light Circus Fire and Pyro team.


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