These three colourful monoliths are some of the biggest audio boxes you will find in a festival field. They each have their own character, and work together as a music-making trio that make people smile and laugh as they create their own sounds.

Happy is the smallest, the pyramid. Speak into the speaker and Happy will talk back at you – your own voice, but twisted and turned into something that sounds a bit like you – but only a tiny bit,

Tappy is the largest of the trio, a giant cuboid. Tap your hand on one of the 12 zones to make pre-recorded samples play. Use it as a personalised drum machine or just a crazy chaotic noise maker!

Zappy sits in the middle but is the zaniest of them all. Twist the wheels and press the giant red button to create some seriously stylish synth style sounds! Move the wheels to create some dub-siren effects and make real audio magic in front of your very ears.