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Interactive Installations


Here at Travelling Light Circus, we are proud to think of ourselves as a bunch of big kids! We love to have fun, play and sometimes be a bit silly – and we believe that is a great way to be. So with this ethos in mind, we have invented some amazingly cool ‘big toys’ that will release the inner child of everyone, no matter what their real age.

Spiral of Lights

spirals-seen-from-underneathOur incredible Spiral of Lights was originally commissioned by Kew Gardens, where it enthralled over 170,000 visitors, as The Spiral Tree, decorated with huge silver baubles and hanging decorations to make a spectacular interactive Christmas Tree. Since then, we have turned the Spiral into different forms, taking it to indoor and outdoor events around the UK, delighting audiences young and old.


‘Into Infinity’

interactive-video-kaleidoscope-mirror-art-installationA strange thing has arrived in the middle of a field, you’re not sure exactly what it is, but everything about it draws you closer. As you look towards the open window, you notice moving images inside – kaleidoscopic mandalas that entrance you and make you peer inside. Then “WOW!” – the box has parallel sets of mirrors inside that have a tardis-like effect – the patterns are repeated and repeated and appear to go on forever…

Happy, Tappy & Zappy

htz-solfest-15-01Huge and colourful, and hugely popular due to the insanely good fun that can be had with them; these 3 ‘boxes’ are interactive speakers that make wacky sounds and change your voice. Fully waterproof and suitable for all sorts of places, we find they are a particularly big hit with children and teenagers.


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