video-kaleidoscope-by-travelling-light-circus-01loresYou hold a black spaceship-sort-of-thing in your hand. It is connected by a long metal cable to the control panel in front of you. Also on the panel is a wheel that you can turn left and right.

As you move the spaceship-thing, you realise that it’s a video camera; the live video comes up on a screen at the end of a tunnel. When you turn the wheel, the video feed gets kaleidoscope-d into a repeated, fragmented image – a moving video kaleidoscope. What’s more, the tunnel is lined with mirrors, so the kaleidoscopic image is repeated forever – up, down, left and right… Into Infinity…

“The best thing I’ve ever seen in my life”

7-year old in Leigh, Lancashire


Interactive Video Kaleidoscope photo by Oliver Pooley at Illusive Festival

“That is absolutely awesome”

Chairman – Solfest Music & Arts Festival


video-kaleidoscope-by-travelling-light-circus-02loresIt’s not just you who’s intrigued by this creation – there are queues of people around it, all making sounds of delight as they play with the controls and see their own vision of eternity come to life.
At first, each ‘player’ creates chaotic images, lights and patterns that move around quickly and change shape without warning. These images are hypnotic though – you can tell that by the fascination that grips everyone who looks inside.

With only a tiny bit of practice, the audience get the hang of it and are soon creating some lovely mesmerising patterns that they sync to whatever background music is playing. The public’s full approval is proven by the emergence of their phones to record their work, and of course their taking of those all-important selfies!



selfie of video kaleidoscope


If you want to see for yourself how this incredible invention works, have a look at this video, taken at the wonderful Larmer Tree Festival: