Let Your Imagination Run Away With Us

LED and glow shows

The power of light hypnotises audiences in a unique and memorable way. Whether you’re running a festival, a conference, a Christmas party or just want to give your venue more of a big top feel to it, we can do it. Everything is illuminated in our LED light and glow shows. They are a beautiful and original blend of circus skills such as poi, juggling, acro balance mixed with highly-choreographed dance. Our performers even light up too.



Costumes have lights built into their design. Tap a top hat and Hey Presto! it lights up the stage while the seams of our suits glow all on their own. Want to see your name in lights? We also have special bespoke digital tricks we can offer with our projections and programmable props that can highlight your brand or any words you want to cast in the air.Let us transform your event in a brighter lighter way.


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