Interactive light installation Larmer Tree Festival Travelling Light Circus

Awesome fun with BIG impact

colour-changer-solfestThe biggest of our interactive installations is The Spiral of Lights, a set of over 4000 multi-coloured LEDs that are controlled by 3 consoles on which anyone can have a play. People change the pattern, the colour and the speed of lights as they move around the Spiral.

The aesthetic of the consoles is inspired by Jules Verne, Steampunk and our love for re-using everyday objects in unexpected ways. We wanted to give the users of the consoles the sense that they are in charge of something wacky and wonderful, that their imaginations can grab hold of and run riot with.

Pull the pumps to change the colour

Push the tap to change the pattern

Spin the wheel to change the speed



Perfect for indoor and outdoor events

The Spiral and consoles are completely waterproof and look great in any space, whether a field or a town square, theatre or museum. In the daytime they are a source of fascination… What are these controls for? Is it a spaceship? Or a deep ocean exploration vessel? Or a machine that will Journey to the Centre of The Earth?

Well it could be any or all of these – in the imaginative minds of those playing with them – but one thing becomes clear as darkness begins to fall – the interactive controls make some seriously beautiful lights.



Versatile and flexible

The design of the Spiral means that it can fit in all sorts of situations. We have placed it in woodland, suspended from trees, we have put it on truss to look like a spaceship. Perhaps the most interesting of all is when we turn it into a giant Christmas Tree, like in this video from Kew Gardens…

At Kew, over 100,000 people played with the Spiral Tree during a six-week long installation. Our work was a huge success that was well received by the public and producers alike.

“Well done and thank you for being such a great team”

Zoe Bottrell, Director, Culture Creative

Spiral Tree interactive lighting Kew Gardens